Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Pony Party

It's no secret that I've been missing in action for a couple of weeks now.  Life has been hectic (and sometimes horrible) with migraines, school holidays, helping a sick mother stay sane, and doing my best to celebrate my youngest daughter's 4th birthday with a pony party in the park.

Here I am, back, at least for now, and seriously contemplating getting a 'real job' in an office where other people are working, and wearing ironed clothes and shoes, as opposed to my usual casual sock-loving attire, and talking to each other in an adult-conversational way.

I will blog more soon, but let it be said that park parties rock!  By having the party away from home there is far less cleaning to be done, you don't feel obliged to feed everyone mountains of food, you avoid the two party dilemmas of whether to serve alcohol to parents, and whether to allow your child to open the presents as they arrive (both of which are virtually impossible at a public park) and when the party is over you thrown the rubbish in the bin, scoop the rest up in your hamper and mosie on home to relax.... and don't even get me started on the money and time you save on decorations!

Sure, there is always the risk of rain, but wow, I'll seriously be considering an away from home party for ever after!

As for the pony party, it was a sheer delight to watch a dozen kids ride their hobby horses around the park, play pin the tail on the pony, and break up a home made pinata!

(The cake was store bought and then decorated by Little Lotti who sprinkled on the green 'grass' and glued on the icing flowers.  I added the little girl on the horse, complete with party hat and parasol  with a quick kebab-stick and pom-pom wool bunting to go over the top.  Super fast, super easy, & big hit on the day.)

Viva la ponies!

PS - for more party ideas, pop across to my Partycrafts Website.


Amy of While Wearing Heels said...

What a lovely surprise to see a new post. I can't wait to see more details from your pony party. I can almost imagine the kids riding hobby horses. How sweet.

trishie said...

That's one great looking cake! Little Lotti did a fantastic job decorating it.

PS: I'm hosting a Suigo hair pack giveaway; hope you enter:

Partycraft Secrets said...

thanks ladies - off to read your blogs now!

Twinkle Star said...

Fab party theme, your girls are so lucky to have such a creative mama and that they get to join in with all the fun preparations!

Hugs, Estelle xx

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